esmaspäev, november 05, 2012

Karsten Brüggemanni ettekanne 8.11

8. novembril kell 16:15 esineb Akadeemilise Ajalooseltsi ettekandekoosolekul Lossi 3-427 professor Karsten Brüggemann ettekandega  „Representing Empire, Performing Nation? Russian Governors in the Baltic Provinces: Galkin-Vraskoi, Shakhovskoj and Meller-Zakomel'skii.”

Ettekanne on inglise keeles.

The paper analyses the different modes how in different times Russian representatives in the Baltic provinces followed a "Russian" agenda in the late 19th and early 20th century. Therefore I want to demonstrate how ethnically Russian governors tried to square the circle between local traditions, changing social environments and state interests (as far as the latter have been defined clearly enough) from Alexander II to Nicholas II. As examples I chose the governors of Estland, M. V. Galkin-Vraskoi (1868-1870) and S.V. Shakhovskoi (1885-1894), and finally, provisional governor A.N. Meller-Zakomel'skii will be examined who was sent to Riga in order to secure governmental control over the revolutionary borderland from 1906-1909. Although all of them claimed to foster the Russian foundations (russkie nachala) in the non-Russian region, they all fought their own individual battles between their personal aspirations, the critical eyes of the local elites and the instructions of the government.